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The Abacus is a mathematical instrument which originated in China and later modernized by the Japanese. The Abacus has proven to be a successful tool not just for calculations, but also to enhance the concentration.


Calligraphy means "beautiful writing". Calligraphy can be both a delight to the eye and an inspiration to the spirit. In our technological age, the appreciation for the art of calligraphy has grown incredibly. Calligraphy is a fun hobby, a great business, and a creative art.


A good handwriting is a pleasure both to the student and to the examiner. Only with good alignment can good handwriting be obtained. There are certain rules which when followed will lead to a good handwriting.

How it works

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    Genius Academy has centres in Karur and many more coming up in the future. Children become members and attend once a week for sessions lasting 2 hours. At Genius, we ensure that children are stretched and challenged in exactly the right areas - whether they are finding school tricky or top of the class. Our teachers adapt to the unique strengths and weaknesses of the kids to bring out the best in them. Our tutors work with children in a maximum ratio of 1:10, ensuring the right balance between individual support and independent learning. As children practice and acquire new skills, our tutors are always on hand to encourage, explain or teach a new concept.